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Feng Shui and  Choosing a New Office

Selecting a new office building for lease or purchase can have a significant impact on a company's future.  The appeal of the building, how it fits with the business, and how productively it can be used all determine how much it will help the business grow.

The date of construction and direction of the facing side of the building determine the areas which are fortunate and those which are less fortunate.  Buildings which have an entrance in the wrong location can bring bad fortune to the business, no matter how well-decorated the foyer is. 

Before you make a decision so important to the future of your business, consult a Feng Shui professional to examine the properties you are interested in, and provide advice on which ones are best suited to your company. 

Five Elements offers consulting services that can help you select a building that will allow your company to prosper and grow.  Five Elements can also provide recommendations for interior design that will enhance your business through the choice of colors and placement of furniture and water features.

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