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 Patti Farley

Certificate of Higher Diploma, FSRC, Certified by Master Joseph Yu


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What does the Consultation  consider?

1. Static and Dynamic Characteristics.
Every building has forces which remain in place from the day it is constructed, as well as those that move throughout on a 20 year, annual, or monthly time period.  Understanding those that will always be there, as well as those that will change, and when, allows for a consideration of the type of changes one might consider for a particular building, as well as times when particular activities should be avoided or engaged in.

2. The environment
The areas and forms around the building under consideration.  Certain structures, such as flowing or standing water, poles and wires, as well as the surrounding landscape exert an influence on every living or working space.  These are taken into consideration to understand the forces outside the building that may affect how peaceful, happy, productive, or wealth-bearing the space is.

3. The Structure.
The layout of the rooms as well as the placement of doors, windows, furniture, colors, and shapes are taken into consideration, as well as the use of individual spaces.  Different locations may need their own remedy in the form or color, shape, sound, or water.  In addition, potential problem areas can be defined, and if necessary, options can be considered to minimize or avoid their use.

Paths for entering, exiting, and moving through the building can also be considered in order to extend the influence of very beneficial areas into other areas of the building.

4. The Occupants.
Consideration of the persons occupying particular spaces and what they do in those spaces can allow a determination of the most productive, peaceful, active, meditative, creative, or wealth-generating space for each of the occupants.  By aligning the spaces with the activities that are best suited for them, the productivity and peacefulness can be enhanced. 

For more detail, examine the article on Xuan Kong Feng Shui.

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